Two of these birds flew in when I played a Philadelphia Vireo call at the south end of Swan Lake. I played the call because I thought I hard a Philly singing (see recording below). More than one bird may be represented in these photographs, and the calls below may not necessarily be these birds- the Red-eyed Vireo's song is very similar to Philadelphia Vireo. I don't want to assume they are Phillies just because they flew in to the call- there were warbling vireos around, so there was a possibility it was a coincidence. However, to my eyes these look like Philadelphia Vireos!

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This is a recording I took of what I believe is a Philadelphia Vireo. It is hard to hear- turn up your sound. You can hear it best in the middle of the recording. 

Possible Philadelphia Vireo.mp3

This is a cut from the middle of the previous recording with lots of noise reduction applied. It sounds funny but you can hear the vireo better 

Possible Philadelphia Vireo noise reduction cut.mp3

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