I have a passion for one thing in particular: nature and conservation of it. By taking photos of the incredible natural world, I hope to show people how incredible their surroundings are, and that they need to protect it. You can help too! Spreading the word is a great way to start, but taking action is next. 

I think that one of the reasons that habitat loss is always occurring is because lots of people don't understand the beauty of our natural world. Videos and pictures help people understand. Also, most people don't realize what the actual importance of wildlife is. Sure birds are fantastic look at. I am a birder myself. But birds also sustain ecosystems by pollinating, controlling populations of other species that we might consider pests, fertilizing soil, spreading seeds of native plants, and more. That means that birds help other creatures that we might eat, and for more reasons than just that make them vital for human survival. Without a healthy environment, there would be no healthy people. As humans, we completely rely off of natural resources, so they are vital.

Being environmentally friendly can save you a lot of money! Have a look below to see what I mean. 

 Cost without being very environmentally friendly


Gas prices for a regular car with a 50 liter tank if the price is $1.20 per liter

Cost per year


Price for fruits and vegetables in year if you buy from a store (for one person)


Price for plastic grocery bags and sandwich bags (for one person)


Cost for non-reusable water bottles


Cost for enough regular light bulbs for one apartement


Cost for AA batteries for a year if you use 3 a week



Total: $5,640 

Cost with being very environmentally friendly 


Gas prices for a hybrid car with a 50 liter tank if the price is $1.20 per liter

Cost per year 


Price for fruits and vegetables in year if you grow your own


Price for cloth grocery bags and plastic reusable containers (for one person)


Cost reusable water bottles 


Cost for enough environmentally friendly compact florescent bulbs for one apartement 


Cost for AAA batteries  if you use 3 sets of 4 rechargeable batteries a year (charger price included)


 Total: $1,140

 Just from doing these things environmentally friendly, you can save $4,500 a year. Really, you could save even more, because these are just some of the many things you can do. 

These amounts approximate and might vary depending on certain things.