On Friday June 29, I set off to the Okanagan on a birding trip. When I was nearing Kelowna, there had been a 4 car accident and the traffic was terrible. The wait was at least an hour to get through the traffic. Because of this, I excited the road, and drove to the closest place that would have some birds that I wouldn't have to use the blocked road to get to. A couple minutes later, I arrived at Kalamoir Regional Park, in West Kelowna.

  Kalamoir Regional Park is a park by Okanagan Lake. There are hills with small little bushes but also areas with lots of trees. At the parking lot, I was greeted by a Mourning Dove and a Violet Green Swallow perched close to each other at the far end of the lot.

 I continued walking, and I soon noticed some flycatchers in the small trees and bushes. They were  Western Wood-pewees. I took some photos of them, then I walked up some more to an area with larger and more trees and spotted some more. I took photos of them to. Here are three photos of the pewees. The first two are from the area with less trees and the last one is from the area that had more trees:



 After taking some photos of the dove an the swallow, I started walking on a trail. While I was walking, I spotted and Eastern Kingbird on a small tree closer to the water than I was.  I stopped and took some photos. Here is one of the kingbird:


  As I said before, the last Western Wood-pewee              photo was taken in an area with more trees. That area  with lots of trees was the area in the park that produced the most birds. There were warblers, orioles, flycatchers, nuthatches and more in that area. At the beginning of the area, was this male Yellow Warbler who was singing at the tree tops. Unfortunately, he did not come down to eye level so I couldn't get great shots but here is a photo of him anyways:

After photographing the Yellow Warbler, I continued to walk again. Not long after I started to walk, I heard a Bullock's Oriole calling in a bush. I spotted the bird. It was a baby oriole calling for food. I waited, and soon the mom came and delivered some food. Up in the tree tops, I spotted the dad looking for insects.



 As I was photographing the orioles, I spotted a bird up on to a branch It was there for a couple seconds then it flew down closer to the ground. It was a Grey Catbird! Here is a photo of the catbird:

   Here is another bird from the way back, a Bullock's Oriole at it's nest up in a tree:

    I walked some more and soon got to the parking lot. close to the parking lot though, I saw a family of California Quail running across the road. the male and female ran across the road while the chicks flew like sparrows across the road. Here are some photos of the quail family:


     Kalamoir Regional Park is a very pretty park. Here s a    photo of some flowers in the park: 

   The sun was going down, so I started to make my way back to the parking lot. On the way back, I spotted more birds. They included orioles, nuthatches, flycatchers and more. Here is a photo of a Pygmy Nuthatch on my way back to the parking lot:


I soon got to the area with less trees, here I saw the same Eastern Kingbird that I saw before and a Northern Rough-winged Swallow:


   I had a great evening at the park, but it was nothing compared to what you can read about in posts about the other days! Sorry for the bad quality of these photos, they are not bad quality in full resolution. I will try to resize the photos better in the next posts for better quality on this site.