This part of the trip report is going to be very short compared to the other parts of the trip report because I only have to species for this category.

Forests exist on many areas of Hawaii. Some of these forests are made up of native trees and plants, but many of them are made of completely introduced trees plants. The two species below can be found in both of these forests, but the native forest birds are only found in native 'Ohi'a and Koa forests at high elevations.

Kalij Pheasant
The Kalij Pheasant is a common bird in native and non-native forests on the island of Hawaii. They are often secretive, but they can also be very showy and stand out in the open. The Kalij Pheasant was introduced to Hawaii from Southern Asia in 1962.



Japanese White-eye
Based on numbers, the Japanese White-eye is the most common bird in Hawaii. It is found everywhere, from busy cities at sea level to remote areas at high elevations at the tree line, from dry bushy habitat to thick, tall rainforests. The Japanese White-eye also feeds on all sorts of plants including introduced plants and native plants, and is even filling in pollinating roles on native plants, which is important because native species that used to pollinate some native plants are now extinct. At the same time however, it is also pollinating invasive plant species, which is not good. The Japanese White-eye was introduced to O'ahu in 1929 from Japan and later to Hawai'i (the Big Island) in 1937, but it is now abundant on all main islands.



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