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Wandering Tattler and more at Iona - July 26 2013

Posted by birder on Monday, July 29, 2013
Seeing the reports of a Wandering Tattler at Iona, I went out yesterday (the 26th) to try to find the bird.

The bird has been seen along the South Jetty at Iona. I was informed by other birders heading back that the bird was on the north side of the jetty, quite far out at marker 175-180. It was certainly a long walk out, but it was definitely worth it when I got to see the bird!

It's been quite a while (three and a half years) since I saw a Wandering Tattler. It was on the island of Maui, Hawaii, and it was a lifer for me. But that bird was really far away and in non-breeding plumage... the one at Iona was close and in breeding plumage. :) 

Here are some shots of the bird:



This is the exact spot where the bird was on the jetty:


The tattler was working its way in the direction of the mainland as it fed, and when I left it, it was at marker 173.

Some other birds I saw at Iona were:

Spotted Towhee:

Spotted Sandpiper (juvenile):

Bonaparte's Gull (juvenile):

Thanks for looking! :)




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