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Tsawwassen Ferry Jetty - November 24 2012

Posted by birder on Wednesday, November 28, 2012
On November 24, I went to the Tsawwassen Ferry Jetty. When I arrived, many birds were around, including grebes, Common Loons, goldeneyes and more. One Common Loon came very close to shore and provided me with some great photos. Here are some photos of this loon:

  Common Loon

  Common Loon

Other birds I photographed near the loon included these ones:


    Common Goldeneye Common Goldeneye 

   Horned Grebe Horned Grebe Horned Grebe 

 After photographing these birds, I scanned (through my scope) the waters that were far away up to 3.5 kilometers out). Out here, I spotted some Scoters (White-winged and Surf Scoters), thousands of American Wigeons, goldeneyes, tons of Bufflehead, many Brant geese, tons of grebes (including around 75 Western Grebes about 3 kilometers out) and one Swan sp. The swan was farther out than the grebes, but I could tell that the beak was black which makes it either a Trumpeter or Tundra Swan. In the following link, all the white specks are necks of tons of Western Grebe.

 As I continued to walk, I photographed more birds including these ones:


  Gull in flight

  Common Goldeneye: 

 Common Goldeneye

 I now went to the other side of the terminal. Here, there were some more Common Loons, Horned Grebes, a couple more Brant Geese, goldeneyes, and Buffleheads. The Buffleheads were fairly close to shore, so I took some photos of them. Here are two of those photos:

  Bufflehead (male)

While I was photographing the Buffleheads, some of the Brant Geese that were far out flew over. I snapped some photos of them:

Brant goose

  Brant goose

Also near the Buffleheads was this Common Loon:

  Common Loon

After photographing those birds, I continued walking. Soon, with the sun in my eyes, I spotted a Black Oystercatcher feeding. I moved around to the other side of it (because of the sun's angle) and was about to take some photos of it when another bird caught my eye. It was a Black Turnstone, and I soon realized that there were two of them. I photographed the turnstones:

  Black Turnstones Black Turnstones Black Turnstones 

 After taking some photos of the turnstones, I searched for the oystercatcher again and found it. Not long after I found it, it was joined by another oystercatcher that flew in. Here is a photo of the oystercatcher that flew in (in flight) and the other one standing in the rocks:

 Black Oystercatcher in flight

  Black Oystercatcher

After watching and photographing the oystercatchers for a while, I heard some honking. I looked up and there was a flock of Snow Geese flying over. Here is a photo of a very small portion of the flock:

  Snow Geese

I continued walking, and I spotted an eagle flying in the distance. It appeared to have a gull in it's talons. Here is a photo of the eagle with the gull:

  Bald Eagle with prey

It was now getting dark, and I took some last photos of the Oystercatchers with a silhouette. These turned out well. Here is one of them:

  Black Oystercatcher silhouette

As the sun sank, I took some landscapes. The first photo was taken without a flash, and the second was taken with the built-in flash (so you can see the colors in the rocks).

  Sunset in Tsawwassen

  Sunset in Tsawwassen

Thanks for looking!




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