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Top 3 Shots of 2012 - the Lower Mainland and Areas Just Outside

Posted by birder on Sunday, December 30, 2012
Wow, picking 3 top shots is really hard, but here are the ones I have decided on.

Horned Grebe
I took this one in October at the Point Roberts beach. It was my first visit to Point Roberts and it was really a blast photographing all the birds. I like this shot because it took a while to nail the shot, even though the bird hung around for a long time. The Horned Grebe is also a bird I had never really had any luck photographing before. I like the patterns in the water and I really love the red eye that stands out.


Long-billed Curlew
This is a bird that comes to Blackie Spit in Surrey each year. I had only previously gone to see the bird once before, so it was cool to see the curlew again. The reasons I like this shot are the fact that it is an irregular bird in the Lower Mainland, I love the low angle (which required me to get a little dirty), and the Long-billed Curlew is such an amazing bird.


Short-eared Owl
This owl is one of the few owls that will be active during the day here in BC. They are such cool birds, and I love watching them hunt at Boundary Bay. I got this shot in early November. I love the action and the setting (the marsh).


Good birding to all in 2013!




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