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Turqoise-browed Momot (Costa Rica)

Posted by birder on Friday, July 19, 2013
I recently got back from an awesome birding trip in Costa Rica! I spent 10 days of birding (June 29th-July 8th) plus two days of travel. From the cloud forest to the ocean, Costa Rica was spectacular!

Before the trip, I did lots of planning, so all of the locations were set and we had plans. I had also planned out target bird species, and surprisingly, I got all of them.

I want to thank Glenn Bartley for the inspiration and advice! I don't think I would have ended up in Costa Rica on a birding trip anytime soon and I don't think I would have seen as many birds if it wasn't for Glenn Bartley's advice on where to go.

Over the next while I'll be posting photos from Costa Rica...

I decided I'd start with the Turqoise-browed Motmot, definitely a very beautiful bird! This bird wasn't a huge target for the trip but definitely a bird I was hoping to see! This guy was perched in a tree on the banks of the Tarcoles river on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.


Lots more coming so stay tuned..




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