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Target Species

Posted by birder on Monday, August 12, 2013
Even though I've been birding for almost seven years now, there are still those species that are not on my life list but are fairly regular in the Metro Vancouver area. Those birds are these:

Fairly common birds:

-Common Murre
-Barn Owl
-Red-eyed Vireo
-Northern Shrike

Regular birds but not as common:
-Northern Goshawk
-Rock Sandpiper
-Ancient Murrelet
-American Tree Sparrow
-Lapland Longspur
-Snow Bunting

Less common birds but seen a few times each year:
-Ruffed Grouse
-American Golden-Plover
-Red Knot
-Franklin's Gull
-Parasitic Jaeger
-Western Screech-Owl
-Northern Pygmy-Owl
-Least Flycatcher
-Townsend's Solitare
-Bohemian Waxwing
-Vesper Sparrow

Well, looks like I've got some work to do! Hopefully by the end of 2014 I'll have knocked off the five fairly common birds and many of the others!




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