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Sunrise photoshoot

Posted by Liron on Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Back in November, I rented a 500mm for a weekend and went out to the Fraser Valley to photograph the eagles attracted to the annual salmon spawn. One morning I was set up by the river before sunrise, and I was in for a treat when the sun broke the horizon. The air was full of mist, which meant that everything was glowing a beautiful orange colour. Eagles were plentiful and very active. This sunrise was one of the most memorial times of my photography career so far!

One of the bird species that cooperated in this incredible light were Trumpeter Swans:


I find that there is something almost magical about watching swans. I always love watching and photographing them. In addition to the eagles that I was there for, the river had hundreds of Trumpeter Swans on it. They would call all day, and even at night you could hear them calling back and forth on the river!

Of course, there were also hundreds of eagles around! It was incredible to watch the large numbers of them feasting on salmon in the sunrise light. Many were flying around too:



Lastly, there were also American Dippers attracted by all the salmon eggs. They were awesome to watch by the streams in the morning:


Thanks for looking!:)




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