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Stanley Park Bird Count, September 11 2011

Posted by birder on Friday, November 4, 2011
Today I participated in the monthly Stanley Park Bird Count. We saw a juvenile Dark-eyed Junco and lots more. I was suprised when we saw the junco because we don't really get them in the here in the summer, but I was told that Stanley Park is an exception and that Dark-eyed Juncos breed there.

Dark-eyed Junco

(in the front is a Glaucous-winged, in the middle is a juvenile gull that is most likley a Glaucous-winged, an in the back is a Glaucous Winged x Herring or Glaucous Winged x Western Gull hybrid.

Mute Swan

Molting Mallards

Mew Gull

Domestic Goose

Wood Ducks

Northern Shovelers and an American Widgeon

Green-winged Teals

Juvenile Black-throated Gray Warbler




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