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Some shots from the last couple months that I never posted

Posted by Liron on Sunday, August 18, 2013
There were some outings in the past months that I never posted the shots from, so in this post, I'll post some shots that I never previously posted.

June 25 2013, near Steveston in Richmond:

Bald Eagle

Bullock's Orioles

Chipping Sparrows
(adult in first photo, juvenile in second)

American Robin

Queen Elizabeth Park, June 26 2013:

Spotted Towhee

Anna's Hummingbird

Dark-eyed Junco
(it was the first time I had seen on at that time of year in Queen Elizabeth Park)

Tiger Swallowtails (a type of butterfly)

Queen Elizabeth Park, July 30 2013:

Common Raven:

Western Tanager:

Cooper's Hawk (juvenile)

Thanks for looking!




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