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Shots from August 21 2013

Posted by Liron on Thursday, August 29, 2013
On August 21, I went on a boat for a sail from False Creek to Caufield Cove in West Vancouver. It was fairly quiet bird-wise, but it was a beautiful day for sailing and I had a nice time walking around Caufield Cove.

On the sail to Caufield Cove, many Pelagic Cormorants were around, but only two Double-crested Cormorants came by:

Double-crested Cormorant

Once at Caufield Cove I walked from the cove to the entrance of Lighthouse Park. Some birds around included an Anna's Hummingbird, an Olive Sided Flycatcher, and a few others, but not much was in close enough range for good photos. It was a nice walk nonetheless, and at Lighthouse Park I did some more abstract shots of the sunlight hitting leaves and branches in the forest that came out nicely:



Back at Caufield Cove, a Turkey Vulture, had landed. It was distant, but it was the first time I have photographed a perched Turkey Vulture in the Lower Mainland, and in general, I haven't seen or photographed that many Turkey Vultures in the Lower Mainland at all.

 Turkey Vulture

It was a great sail back to False Creek, with a warm sun and great wind for sailing. Hopefully I'll be able to go out on a boat off of Vancouver sometime in mid or late September or anytime in November or later in the winter to see if I can get looks at some of the loons, grebes, scoters, and more that will be arriving to winter here.

Thanks for looking!




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