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Recent shots

Posted by Liron on Saturday, December 6, 2014
I haven't post on my blog in quite a while but as always I regularly post on my flickr page so be sure to check there if you don't see activity on my blog!

Here are some recent shots from the past couple months. These months have brought lots of good birds and photography opportunities and here are some:

Surfbird: taken in Victoria on Nov 8, one of the many cool birds I saw there on a day trip to the island


Surf Scoters
 - I have spent some time photographing winter ducks in English Bay recently. I have gotten lots of good photos but this is one of my favorites. Taken on November 11 2014.

Surf Scoters

Barrow's Goldeneyes - also from English Bay, but on November 23 2014. This was my first birding outing with my BRAND NEW 7D MARK II which I am very happy with!

Barrow's Goldeneye pair in flight

From Nov 28-30 I had the chance to use a Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS II USM. This is an amazing lens, and I rented for a weekend to photograph the Bald Eagles that come to the Fraser Valley each year to feast on salmon. While due to high water levels there were not nearly as many birds as last year hundreds were still around and I got lots of good pictures! I've only gone through 1/5 of them so far so lots more coming, stay tuned to my Flickr page!

Bald Eagle in flight Bald Eagle Bald Eagle closeup Bald Eagle Bald Eagle Bald Eagle Bald Eagle

On this trip to the Fraser Valley I also had a chance to photograph the Northern Pygmy-Owl, Canada's smallest owl which is less than 7 inches long! I did not except to find one, but to my surprise I did and it didn't even take very long! It was very dark (after sunset around dusk) when I spotted this guy, but nonetheless set up for some shots and I am happy with the results! Here this beautiful bird is eating a Dark-eyed Junco. It was an amazing experience to see this bird! This is only the second one I have ever seen.

Northern Pygmy-Owl

Here is one last shot for this post, of a Short-eared Owl. I took the 600mm to Boundary Bay one evening and these owls did not disappoint!

Short-eared Owl

Thanks for looking!   :)




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