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Pacific Wren at Queen Elizabeth Park - April 2 2013

Posted by birder on Wednesday, April 3, 2013
Today, the 2nd of April, I went out to Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver. I arrived at the main duck pond. The usual Mallards and Wigeons were around. I continued to walk, and heard singing in a bush beside me.


I could tell by the call that it was a Pacific Wren, and, sure enough, the bird popped right out in the open and sang it's heart out right in front of me. I took some photos of the bird before moving on.

I continued my walk through the park. Some birds I saw were lots of Pine Siskin (about 120 birds), Red Crossbills, Ruby-crowned Kinglets, Buffleheads, Gadwalls, a Hooded Merganser, ravens being mobbed by crows, a Bald Eagle in a tree, a Cooper's/Sharp-shinned Hawk in a different tree, and more.

I eventually came back to the area where the Pacific Wren had been. There was an Orange-crowned Warbler (first warbler of the season for me!), an Anna's Hummingbird, and, a few more Pacific Wrens singing. I walked over to the wrens, waited, and left an hour later with some nice shots on my camera.





Really it was only one bird that was cooperative, but that bird was more willing to pose for me than any other wrens of any species I have ever encountered before.

The song of the Pacific Wren is one of my favorite songs, so I also filmed the wrens I was watching. Here are some clips of the wrens:

Video tip: use 720p high-definition quality or higher when playing the video (once you click play you can change the quality under the video)


It had been a great day of great birds and awesome pictures. :D I'm really happy with the results.

Thanks for looking!




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