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Lynn Valley Park and Lonsdale Quay - April 4 2012

Posted by birder on Saturday, April 14, 2012
On the 4th of April, I was birding almost all day. The plan was to go to Lynn Valley Park (a forest on the foot of Seymour Mountain). On the way the the park, I stopped at Lonsdale Quay to see if one of the Brandt's Cormorants were around. One was. Here is a photo of that cormorant:

Next to the Brandt's Cormorant, many Pelagic Cormorants were preening. Here is a photo of one of the Pelagic Cormorants:

There were also a few Pigeon Guillemots, but they were all too far away for any good photos. Here is a photo of two Guillemots anyways:

I now went to Lynn Valley. It is a beautiful forest, with many breathtaking veiws of the trees, the river, and the lake there which is called rice lake. Here is a slide show of the scenery at Lynn Valley:

There was also lots of Fungi in the forest. This type of fungi has many names, including "witches butter". It is only a few millimeters in length in every direction.

There were also (of course) many birds.On the lake there were buffleheads, and common and hooded mergansers, while in the forest there were many songbirds including robins, varied thrushes, hermit thrushes, kinglets, chickadees, pacfic wrens, towhees, juncos, song sparrows, and many more. Here are photos of a few of those birds:

There were also lots of squirells and cool insects in the forest:

Lynn Valley Park is an incredible forest, and I would definetly want to go back there again sometime.




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