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Feathers Through a Microscope

Posted by birder on Tuesday, December 6, 2011
It's really neat to see the patters of birds feathers through a microscope. I took some photos with a point and shoot camera through a microscope of some of my feathers. The microscope was zoomed in at around 100x closer for most of the photos. Here are the photos:

Anna's Hummingbird feather (breast feather)

Bald Eagle feather (primary wing feather)

Barn Owl feather (secondary wing feather)

Barred Owl feather (secondary wing feather)

Canada Goose feather (primary wing feather- these feathers have a waterproof layer on them)

Common Raven feather (primary wing feather)

Fox Sparrow feather (breast feather)

Great-horned Owl feather (breast feather)

Mallard feather (iredecent part of wing)

Northern Flicker feather (secondary wing feather)

Norwestern Crow feather (secondary wing feather)

Red-tailed Hawk feather (unkown)

Ring-billed Gull feather (primary wing feather)

Rock Pigeon feather (uknown)

Snow Goose feather (breast feather)

Steller's Jay feather (unkown)

Warbler feather (unkown type of warbler, unkown type of feather)




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