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Black-and-white Owl (Costa Rica)

Posted by birder on Saturday, July 27, 2013
The Black-and-white Owl is a nightly visitor at the lodge I was staying at in the Tarcoles area on the pacific coast of Costa Rica. The lodge is called Cerro Lodge, and man do they have great service! I knew that the owl comes nightly to the lodge, but I didn't know where or when it usual comes. Until the evening there was no one at the lodge who spoke English, but through google translate, I managed to have a conversation with the workers at the lodge. They showed me where the owl comes and told me when it usually comes. They said that if we want the night guard could come and get us anytime during the night if he saw the owl. We agreed, but that night the owl should up just before eight, so I got the owl and a full sleep.

Great service! This is the first owl I have seen at night.





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