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Birding on August 27 2011

Posted by birder on Friday, November 4, 2011
I did lots of birding today at many different locations. I started they day off at Iona Island. The highlight here was a Short-eared Owl. I didn't get a great photo, but it's still at lifter.

Next, I headed out to the George C Reifel Migraotry Bird Sanctuary. I saw some neat birds here, and got some good photos of a Greater Yellowlegs.

I also got some shots of a Brown-headed Cowbird on a bird feeder. in the second photo, It looks as if she's glaring at me!

I also saw an American Coot. First one for the season for me!

And like always, the Sandhill Cranes were neat.
Next I went to the Tsawwassen Ferry Jetty. Here are saw the ussual Black Oystercatchers and also a Common Loon.

After the Tsawwassen Ferry Jetty, I made a short stop at Boundary Bay but there was not much to see because of all the people although I did come out with a Bewick's Wren.

Mount Baker was also pretty.
And I also saw a flock of what I think are shorebirds flying but they were miles high and I couldn't tell what they were.

I finished the day off at Beaver Lake in Stanley Park at dusk. I saw a Black-throated Gray Warbler, two Flycatchers and I also herd a Virginia Rail!




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