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BC Listing Goals - 2015

Posted by Liron on Friday, April 17, 2015
While I enjoy casual birding and photography, I am also a bit of a lister when it comes to birds. I love big days (seeing as many species you can in 24 hours), and I keep lists for all sorts of regions that I have visited. Aside from my life list, probably the most important list to me is my year list from the province of British Columbia, where I live.

While I'm not doing a big year (seeing as many species as possible in a year), I do hope to see 305 or more species in BC this year. This is a high goal, but I think it is possible. I am based around Vancouver and will probably see about 215+ species there throughout the year. In addition to that, I will be doing a big day in the Okanagan in May which should add a whole lot of species (I will likely see 150+ species over a couple days). In the Summer, I am planning a trip to the Peace River Region in July, which should get me a bunch of eastern species (this area is on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains). In September I am going on at least one pelagic off the west coast of Vancouver Island, so that should get me a bunch of pelagic species. Theoretically 320-330 or even more is possible, but having never seen more than 271 species in a year in BC, I will keep my goal at 305 species for now!





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