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72nd Street (Boundary Bay) - January 14 2012

Posted by birder on Wednesday, January 18, 2012
On the 14th, I visited 72nd Street one more time to see the Snowy Owls and to try to find some American Tree Sparrows. The owls have been close to the dike latley so I got some good photos of them from the dike. I may have gotten a photo of a tree sparrow, but I am not completly sure (the photo is included in the slideshow below). I also got a few photographs of a Eurasian Widgeon, and it was the first time I have photographed one (I have seen one before at riefel, but it was so far away that even through my lens that is almost 700mm  could not see it at all.)

Here is a slide show of the photos from today:




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