In December 2012, I went on a trip to the Banderas Bay area Mexico (better known as the area of Puerto Vallarta). On this trip I managed to see and hear 111 bird species (only one was heard only and not seen), photograph 109 (I didn't bother taking photos of Rock Pigeons), and have a blast! Here is a preview video to what is coming on this page for this trip. For best quality, view in HD 720p (one of the options at the bottom of the video is to set the quailty).

If you can't see the video, click here 

To see photos from the trip click here or look below for the same photos (you might have to wait a minute for them to load)

Gallery status: all good bird photos/notable sightings from 12 out of the 14 days I was in Mexico have been uploaded  (I'm currently processing the photos from the last 2 days, they will be here soon). Click on a photo when it is displayed to see what bird species it is.